First NameJAKA
Academic degreeAssistant
Professional degreeMSc in Architecture
PositionJunior Researcher
OfficeUL FGG, III/1 (3rd floor)
Telephone+386 1 47 68 609


Jaka Potočnik is a junior researcher at Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering since 2017. In 2014 he finished his Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture at the University of Maribor. He continued his study at the same faculty and received MSc of Architecture in 2017.

The topic of his PhD research is the quality assessment of daylight in built environment regarding non-visual effects of light on human circadian system.


Selected bibliography

POTOČNIK, Jaka, KOŠIR, Mitja. Influence of commercial glazing and wall colours on the resulting non-visual daylight conditions of an office. Building and environment 2020, 171:1-14.



POTOČNIK, Jaka, KOŠIR, Mitja. Occupant perception of spectral light content variations due to glazing type and internal finish. In: SBE19 : Resilient Built Environment for Sustainable Mediterranean Countries, 4-5 September 2019, Milan, Italy: 1-12.



POTOČNIK, Jaka, KOŠIR, Mitja. In-situ determined circadian and visual daylighting potential of an office. In: SBE19: Smart building and city for durability & sustainability: International conference on sustainable built environment, 12-13 December 2019, Seoul, S. Korea: 407-410.


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