We teach at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering as well as at the Faculty of Health Sciences:

  • First cycle study program Civil Engineering (Buildings I and II, Introduction to Building Design, Bioclimatic Design, Building Renovation),
  • First cycle study program Construction Management (Buildings),
  • First cycle study program Sanitary Engineering (Constructional Complexes of Buildings, Bioclimatic Design),
  • Second cycle study program Buildings (Daylight, Living Environment, Advanced Materials, Efficient Energy Use, Smart House, Building sustainability assessment, Master seminar),
  • Third cycle study program Built Environment (Daylight, Bioclimatic Design, Design of Healthy Buildings, Advanced Constructional Complexes).


Due to the nature of the scientific area covered by the Chair members, our teaching is mainly focused on building envelopes, indoor environment, use of materials and interaction between users and the building. In the past these areas were neglected in the traditional studies of civil engineering and architecture. For this reason, the Bologna reform of higher education studies was an opportunity to accredit a new second cycle study program Buildings, with the aim to qualify experts with balanced knowledge about the main pillars that allow the design and implementation of the bioclimatic concept: conceptual design of space, conceptual design of load-bearing structure, design of protective constructions (thermal and sound insulation, protection against water and humidity, psychophysical protection, etc.), energy efficiency, independent design, cooperation in the design and implementation of complex buildings. Graduates of this study are equipped with in-depth theoretical and expert knowledge. They are able to find job and work independently at demanding expert and development tasks from the areas of constructional building physics and bioclimatic design.


Final Theses

The final theses, which were made under the supervision of our mentors are available at Repository of University of Ljubljana.