The Chair’s research activity is primarily oriented towards the development and application of building design methods, building elements and constructional complexes (i.e. envelope) considering bioclimatic conditions, stationary and dynamic analysis of thermal flows in buildings, analysis of solar radiation and daylighting, design and application of control systems for the regulation and optimisation of indoor environment in buildings, exergy analyses of building occupants’ thermal comfort, development of simulation software for the analysis of thermal and lighting properties in buildings as well as study of interactions among users and the building with the emphasis on healthy and stimulating environment. Through our research activity, we conduct real environment experiments, with the purpose to investigate the simulation presumptions and to develop applications of advanced systems for the regulation of the indoor environment.


Research collaboration opportunities:

  • Energy performance of buildings and their components
  • Indoor environment in buildings
  • Daylighting in buildings
  • Environmental impact of buildings
  • Advanced building envelopes
  • Bioclimatic Design


Research and development projects:

Active projects:

  • Calculation of Yearly Circadian Potential in Buildings Using Deep Learning Techniques – YCPdeep (Project webpage)
  • Climate responsive building envelopes: increasing building’s performance under current and future projected climate of Podgorica


Realized projects:

  • Sustainable and Innovative Construction of Smart Buildings – TIGR4smart (C3330-16-529003), 2016 – 2019 (Project webpage)
  • Competence Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Construction – KC TIGR, 2010 – 2013 (Project webpage)
  • Mediterranean Building Rethinking for Energy Efficiency Improvement – MARIE (Ref: 3649/1S-MED10-002), 2007 – 2013


Freely available tools:

BcChart v2.3 – A tool for bioclimatic potential analysis.  Download.

BcChart v2.3 – A tool for bioclimatic potential analysis (epw version).  Download.

So far BcChart tool has been used at the following institutions: Curtin University Perth, Australia; University of Guadalajara, Mexico; Metropolitan Autonomous University Mexico City, Mexico; Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil; Tianjin university, China; National Insitute of Technology Hamirpur, India