First NameLUKA
Last NamePAJEK
Academic degreeAssistant
Professional degreeMSc in Buildings
PositionTeaching assistant and researcher
OfficeUL FGG, III/1 (3rd floor)
Telephone+386 1 47 68 604


Luka Pajek is a PhD candidate and a Research Fellow at University of Ljubljana since 2015. In 2012 he finished his Bachelor degree in Civil engineering at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering. He continued his studies and received an MSc title and a Prešeren award for students in 2015. The topic of his PhD research is bioclimatic building design energy efficiency in respect to climate change. His other research interests are thermal response of buildings and indoor environment assessment.

Beside the mentioned he is a teaching assistant at Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering and Faculty of Health Sciences, lecturing on subjects regarding building envelope design, bioclimatic design, daylighting, indoor environment and efficient energy use.


“Being curious as a scientist is like being inspired as an artist – you get addicted to both, the cause and the result.” –Luka Pajek



Selected bibliography

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