First NameMATEJA
Academic degreeAssist. Prof., PhD
Professional degreedipl. san. inž.
PositionLecturer and researched
OfficeUL FGG, 510 (5th floor)
Telephone+386 1 47 68 510;


Mateja Dovjak is deputy head, lecturer and researcher at KSKE (2007-). In 2006 she graduated at Faculty of Health Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Sanitary engineering (mentor prof. dr. Aleš Krainer) and received a Prešeren award. In 2012 she finished her PhD at Environmental Sciences postgraduate study program, University of Nova Gorica (mentor prof. dr. Aleš Krainer, prof. dr. Masanori Shukuya).

Research and pedagogic work: design of healthy, comfortable and sustainable buildings (thermal comfort, indoor air quality, daylight, acoustics, ergonomics, universal design), content and emissions of hazardous chemicals in construction products according to CPR (EU) No 305/2011, REACH 1907/2006, CLP 1272/2008; building overall efficiency from thermal comfort and energetic point of view.

Contribution to the novel research and development of new areas: Connective thinking approach: exergy analyses of thermal processes inside of the human body together with the processes in a building; Development of low-temperature heating and high-temperature cooling systems (LowEx systems) in buildings in order to achieve individual regulation of comfort and healthy conditions for the individual user of the space while simultaneously the minimum possible energy use, the application systems in the hospital environment, other interior environment. International collaboration with Laboratory of Building Environment, Tokyo City University; University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering, Section for Indoor Climate and Building Physics; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Building Design and Technology; Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology.

Member of editorial board (AJEEPR,  CAIER, IJET,  IJSER) and reviewer (Energy, Applied Energy, Building and Environment, Energy Policy…).

Project participation: AWARD, EU Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013, Leonardo da Vinci; CosteXergy Project, Cost Action C24; MARIE – MED Agreement IS-MED10-002; TIGR – P13.; Hrup v vrtcu – osveščanje otrok, vzgojiteljev in staršev-169-19/2012.

Membership in professional and scientific associations: ISES, COST Action C24, COSTeXergy, P2―0158 Gradbene konstrukcije in gradbena fizika; Slovenska matica; SIST/TC STV Steklo, svetloba in razsvetljava v gradbeništvu. Slovenian Acoustical Society President.

Completed teaching and research activities, agreed in the Mobility Agreement (Mobility of teachers at the University of Ljubljana, co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Social Fund) at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology (2019).


Selected bibliography

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DOVJAK, M.  Invited Lecture: Individualization of personal space in hospital environment with exergy approach. KIT, Institute of Building Design and Technology, Karlshruhe, 22.03.2015-27.03.2015. Karlsruhe, 2015.